Fine Art Digital Capture & Output

Comprehensive digital services for artists, photographers, galleries and museums.

Carr Imaging offers:

• Complete high-resolution scanning

• Color and black & white archival printing

• File preparation and manipulation
(for multiple purposes)

• Complete photo restoration services

and more.

“Our goal is to develop a partnership resulting in images we are both proud of. 

After all, we are successful only when you are successful.”

Why should you work with us?

There are many fine art (“giclée”) printing services available, as well as reasonably priced equipment for those that might want to consider doing their own work. With this in mind, why come to us?


We have been doing this every day, all day, for over 20 years. Producing a great print takes more than having the right printer. A print of the highest quality requires a system of capturing (scanning/photographing), adjusting, and proofing, along with the necessary skills most artists and photographers don’t have the time or inclination to master.

We invest in and upgrade our equipment. Our tools are the best available for creating the most accurate, long-lasting Color and dedicated Black & White fine art prints available.
Our methods are always evolving. We constantly add to our knowledge of what it takes to create a beautiful image; we tinker and update so our output is the best available.
Quality is our priority and quality takes time. We don’t charge more for additional proofing or limit the number or proofs. We won’t hurry or encourage acceptance of a proof that’s not right. We work with you in a quiet, comfortable studio until you are completely satisfied that the best possible results have been achieved.
We are artists and like being around other artists.We prefer to work directly with each client, one-on-one, to ensure that results are a combined effort and represent exactly what the artist wants. We do not encourage long distance proofing, as the compromises involved do not lend themselves to the best possible prints.

We Don’t Have “Secrets”

If you are interested we will explain, in detail, how we arrive at the results we’re able to achieve. We even provide individual tutoring for those who want to have more control over their imagery.

Please call us at 505-880-8124 for further information.

Or email Pat Carr at

“We Like to Experiment.

If you have an unusual project that requires some Research & Development…

Contact Us—maybe we can help.”

What Can You Expect at Carr Imaging?

Gorgeous Output

Images are printed on the same materials the artist uses.

We use wide gamut pigment inks in printer capable of photo-realistic output.

Your prints will be around for a long time.

With proper display they are guaranteed to not fade for over 80 years.

Print only what you need.

It is not necessary to run a large number of prints and generate a huge print bill. We recommend you print only what you can sell in a reasonable amount of time. You can always have more printed and they will be identical to the original proof. This keeps your inventory manageable and costs down.

Reasonable Pricing.

As artists we understand every penny counts! We remember this when determining prices and charge just enough to make sure we’re here for you in the future.