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Patrick Carr entered the art world at around age six drawing spaceships and log cabins. This early work was largely ignored except by his parents but he persisted and eventually moved on to more non­representational imagery using, at different times, oils, acrylics, ink, wax and pastel. There was a period during the ’80s when he took up sculpture and produced several—mostly figurative—deep relief sculptures carved in wood—generally sycamore—an under­rated wood usually wasted in the crafting of butcher blocks and pallets.
Unable to make much of a living at this, Pat returned to school hoping to pick up a marketable skill, but instead graduated with a degree in Art. Back to school again, this time leaving with a degree in graphic design which turned out to be a better investment but kept him out of the art community for a number of years. He returned by starting a business that, to his surprise, was popular with other artists and photographers and also allowed him to experiment with new ways of creating images.
He currently uses photography in addition to traditional paint on canvas in combination with a variety of techniques requiring a stylus and computer—what he considers “a very expensive paint brush” —to create images that rely heavily on light, shadow and texture to communicate a kind of introspective idea or story. Something arrived at serendipitously after exploring a variety of psychological dead ends.
Sometimes he is successful.

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