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The one-time setup fee is charged for each piece of art, film or digital file includes:

This includes: Scanning (except for digital files) • Color Correction • Careful Inspection • Cleanup of the Image • Archiving • Proofing*

*Proofing covers any proofs that are required to get the best image possible. As long as we are progressing, there is no limit on the number of proofs.
The final accepted proof is signed and left in our possession as a color reference.

Digital Files

We can accept most file formats, however we prefer .tiff, .psd, or RAW files. The correct color will be achieved by working closely with the photographer or artist.

Setup fee for digital files:

1 image       $45.00 each

2 images     $40.00 each

3 images     $35.00 each

4+ images   $30.00 each

Original Art

The best way to submit your work! We’ll do a direct scan of your art and correct for color against the original piece.  Details on how we capture images can be found here.

Setup fee for original art:

1 image       $95.00 each

2 images     $90.00 each

3 images     $85.00 each

4+ images   $80.00 each

Slides and Other Transparencies

For photographers and artists with old (or new) transparencies we have a variety of methods for scanning film at most sizes up to 4 x 5.

Setup fee for slides & transparencies:

1 image       $95.00 each

2 images     $90.00 each

3 images     $85.00 each

4+ images   $80.00 each

Oversized Artwork

We can also scan oversized artwork–generally anything that will fit through our large studio door–and dimensional art such as pottery and sculptures.

Contact us to discuss details.




Archiving to CD
$5.00 for One CD

Please call us at 505-880-8124 for further information.

Or email Pat Carr at

Scan Only from Original Art

1 image       $65.00 each

2 images     $60.00 each

3 images     $55.00 each

4+ images   $50.00 each

Medium Format Scan

1 image       $45.00 each

2 images     $40.00 each

3 images     $35.00 each

4+ images   $30.00 each

35mm Scan Only

1-10 scans   $10.00 each

11-25 scans  $7.00 each

26+ scans  $5.00 each

Flatbed Scans

$20.00 each


Custom File Manipulation
& Photo Restoration



Tutoring • Training • Consulting
One-on-One Classes


Please call the studio at

505-880-8124 for further information.

Or email Pat Carr at


We select, test, and profile all media used in our studio.

This process allows us to have confidence in color accuracy as well as print life.


All our papers are internally buffered, acid free with no OBA’s (optical brighteners) and a heavy weight that averages 310 grams per square meter. Premium papers are 100% Cotton Rag. Surfaces range from very smooth – ideal for photographic images, or slight to moderately textured which are more appropriate for oils, pastels, watercolors and mixed media.

“We offer generous discounts for multiple giclées printed at the same time.”

Premium fine Art Papers:

We use a broad selection of Canson Infinity fine art and photo papers. These museum-grade papers are all optical brightener free and 310gsm. 


One print –   .13 sq./inch

2 – 5 prints – .12 sq./inch

6+ prints –    .11 sq./inch

Minimum size is 8.5 x 11

Minimum price is $13

Conventional Papers

RC photographic paper (resin coated gloss and luster)


All RC papers – .10 sq/inch, $10 minimum (no quantity pricing)

“Enhanced Matte” poster paper


Enhanced Matte – .06 sq./inch, $6 minimum (no quantity pricing)

Custom “Sheet Pricing”

We offer custom “sheet pricing” for a lower overall price.

We also offer Full Sheet Pricing. Our sheets are approx. 35 x 46 inches and we can place a variety of prints and print sizes on this sheet (minimum print size is 8.5 x 11). For example, 16 8.5 x 11 prints will fit on a sheet.

Sheet Pricing:

Premium Papers – $150 for the sheet (cut and packaged)

Fine Art Paper-       $130 for the sheet (cut and packaged)


There may be times when you don’t need a high-quality fine art print.
In this case, we offer a medium-quality poster-type paper with a smooth matte surface for $0.06 per square inch.

Satin Photographic Paper

We also carry a popular photographic paper, which is a baryta-coated fibre, based satin paper with excellent archival properties, enhanced definition and extended tonal range.

Innova’s Soft Textured Natural White is an acid-free, lignin-free 310gsm fine art paper with a slightly warmer tone than the Canson Infinity paper.

Innova Pricing:

One print –   .11 sq./inch

2 – 5 prints – .10 sq./inch

6+ prints –    .09 sq./inch

Call us for a quote!


Monday – Thursday



We use a 19-mil cotton-poly canvas that is OBA free (no optical brighteners) and hand apply two coats of varnish for enhanced color depth and UV protection. Canvas pricing varies in cost from $0.14 to $0.16 per square inch and quantity pricing starts at two prints of the same image. 


One print –   .16 sq./inch

2 – 5 prints – .15 sq./inch

6+ prints –    .14 sq./inch

*If varnish is not wanted, subtract .3 from regular pricing.

Mounting services available

We can dry mount to white or black 3/16” foam core or Gatorboard. Other substrates are available but we don’t stock them so special arrangements would need to be made.


Foam Core – $7 sq/foot (minimum mounting charge is $9.00.

Gatorboard – $12 sq/foot (minimum mounting charge is $12.00.

We do not dry mount prints or photos we haven’t produced here at the studio.

Significantly larger quantity orders will be priced on a case-by case basis.

Canvas Stretching Services


We recommend adding 2 inches all the way around for stretching on light duty bars and 3 inches around for “Gallery Wrap” to heavy duty bars. Our stretching prices include the bars, labor and the finished canvases are ready to frame or hang on a wall. Please call or email us at ( for quotes on stretching.

Canvas Stretching:

Heavy-Duty Bars: If the canvas print will be going on heavy-duty bars the print will require a three inch “wrap”–that portion of the canvas that wraps around the stretcher bars. All canvas pricing will include this wrap. For example; a 16 x 20 image size will result in a 22 x 26 canvas size. 

Medium-Duty Bars will require a 2.5 inch wrap.

Light-Duty Bars will require a 2 inch wrap.

Stretching Cost:

Heavy-Duty Bars: In inches, add the width plus height and multiply by 1.5.

For example, a 12 x 16 image: 12 + 16 = 28 x 1.5 = $42.

Minimum price is $30.

Medium-Duty Bars: Multiply by 1.3 

Minimum price is $30

Light-Duty Bars: Multiply by 1.1

Minimum price is $25


We encourage adequate bracing on larger prints, either a single cross-bar or a “T” configuration depending on size. Pricing for this necessary item starts at $10.